Railway station Khmelnitsky

ЖД вокзал Хмельницкий

Address: Khmelnitsky, Ul. proskurovsky, 92

Telephone information: +38 (0382) 694-1-01
Phone duty: +38 (0382) 694-3-75
Phone service center: +38 (0382) 65-83-00
Additional phone: The order and execution of group passenger transportation:
(0382) 694-1-23

Order special wagons for transportation people with disabilities:
(0382) 694-1-23

Information about Luggage transportation:
(0382) 694-3-63

Services station:
Services Luggage compartment
Preliminary reception of passengers, baggage and cargo
Providing the sender baggage or cargo-Luggage tags or forms, label
Marking of baggage, cargo
Edging (packing) 1 piece of baggage or cargo
Test weight (weighting) of Luggage, cargo-Luggage, hand Luggage
Notification to the consignee of the arrival in his address baggage and cargo
Storage arrivals baggage and cargo over a fixed period
Transportation of Luggage, cargo-Luggage
Refund of fees for Luggage nevaprovides
Luggage storage
Storage of hand Luggage in stationary storage
Storing larger items, including those that do not apply to hand Luggage
Transportation carrier bulky hand Luggage
Transportation carrier 1 piece of hand Luggage
The accommodation of passengers
Accommodation of transit passengers in Lounges
The accommodation of passengers in the “Deluxe”
Use bathroom
The use of waiting room
The complex issue of certificates
Issuance of written inquiry
Issuance of a certificate of the city, region
Other services
Ads on radio station information on the passenger’s request
Sale schedules of trains
Ticket delivery by place of residence
Services Ironing service
Pay toilet
Hairdressing services
Fax service
Using your phone
Selling phone cards

Tickets sold in direct and local traffic
Laminating A4 sheet
– “” – A3
– “” – one format
Being in the waiting room
The advertisement information on the speakerphone
Providing complex help
Using your phone
Fax service:
Sale of books and Newspapers
Selling phone cards”

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