Railway station Rivne

Address: Exactly, Privokzalnaya square, 1

Telephone information: +38 (0362) 42-23-75
Phone duty: +38 (0362) 42-20-49
Additional phone: The order and execution of group passenger transportation:
(0362) 42-34-04

Special order cars for transportation of persons with disabilities:
(0362) 42-34-04; 42-20-49

Information about Luggage transportation:
(0362) 42-32-71

Services station:
“Preliminary acceptance 1 piece
Load 1 piece
Filling 1 tag or drawing 1 otpravytsya markings on Luggage
Providing the sender with baggage and/baggage 1st form – application
Notification to the consignee of the arrival in his address baggage and/baggage (1st post):
-on the phone
Ads on the station speaker on the passenger’s request (1st word)
Issuance of a written certificate
Storage 1 piece of hand Luggage in the Luggage storage for 1 day
Storage 1 space arrivals baggage and/baggage in excess of the prescribed period (1 day)
The provision of the passenger services the transfer of one piece of Luggage to the destination
The delivery ticket to the place of residence of the customer
Reissue of the 1st travel of Documenta
Accommodation in rest rooms (1st place)
Accommodation in rest rooms “Lux “(1st place)
Trim baggage with plastic tape length:
up to 2.5m
more than 2,5m
The message on the landing line (1st order)
Providing information and referral services
Pay toilet
Reservation service cashier (for 1st place)
Order tickets by phone
Storage 1st place larger items, including those that do not apply to manual Luggage in the Luggage storage
Transfer the 1st place larger items via truck
Off the train 1 piece of hand Luggage of passengers who have fallen behind on trains
Shipping baggage car from the station to the place of residence of the customer
Accommodation of transit passengers in Lounges mother and child (per 1 mother and 1 child)
The provision of paid services in the restrooms:
-shoeshine (1 pair)
the Ironing ( for 1 item)
The provision of paid services in pay toilets:
-shoeshine (1 pair)
the Ironing ( for 1 item)
The provision of telegrams in case the client’s fault for incorrectly the specified address of the recipient of baggage and/baggage
Perera weight 1 piece of Luggage and/baggage
Use car station strine within the city (1 hour)
Delivery of passengers cars by place of residence within the city (1 delivery)
Delivery ticket the car on the place of residence of the customer outside the city (for 1 shipping)
Luggage/baggage truck within the city(1 delivery)
Luggage/baggage outside the city (Art. Zdolbuniv) (1 delivery)
Photocopying services (1 sheet-4)

The reservation, which includes free services: 5,00
– using your phone
– TV
– familiarization with the press
-reference and information services
the reported landing
Ticket delivery by place of residence 6,00
Luggage delivery to order passenger (1 h) 15,00
Shipping within the city (1 hour) 15,00”


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