Результат: Днепропетровск

ЖД вокзал Днепропетровск

Railway station Dnepropetrovsk

Address: Dnepropetrovsk, plasma Petrovsky, 11 Telephone information: Phone duty: +38 (056) 793-53-10; +38 (056) 793-53-11 Phone service center: +38 (056) 793-53-15 Additional phone: Bureau order (056) 793-52-53; the city 1504; the mode of operation from 8.00 to 18.00, Monday to Friday; Map: Services station: ” Sales in the specialty box office ticket reservation, booked by […]


Железнодорожный вокзал Днепропетровск-Южный

Railway station Dnepropetrovsk-South

Address: Dnepropetrovsk, , Railway Vasal South Telephone information: +38 (056) 793-37-05 Map: Services station: “The sale of the ticket booked by a passenger before, including by telephone. Tickets sold in the suburbs. Clearance alerts the passenger at a station along the route of the train than the one specified in the ticket. Storage of hand Luggage […]


Международный аэропорт Днепропетровск

International airport Dnepropetrovsk

Address: Dnepropetrovsk Airport Map: Telephone information: +38 (056) 787-08-49 (free on the day of departure) 657 (mobile) 0 (900) 31-657-1 (landline) the hotel Reservation in Dnepr