Railway station Kiev Pas

Киевский жд вокзал

Киевский жд вокзалsouth-western
Address: Kiev Train Station, 1

Telephone information:
Phone duty: +38 (044) 465-20-34
Phone service center: +38 (044) 465-20-83
Additional phone: The order and execution of group passenger transportation:
(044) 481-11-99

Order cars salons:
(044) 465-20-80

Order car transporters:
(044) 465-20-55

Order special carriages for disabled persons:
(044) 481-12-74

Information on cargo transportation:
(044) 481-12-84; 465-20-53

Parking the car in the Parking lot:

(044) 481-13-09

Services station:

Forced opening of the cell AKHS

An announcement on the radio speaker

The use of waiting room

Storage of hand Luggage in stationary storage pantries

The hand baggage storage automatic storage pantries

Removing forgotten things with trains

Issuing a written statement on cost of travel by train in pre-existing tariff

The complex issue of the certificate of fare on the train

The booking of the ticket in the specialized cashier

Ticketing in international traffic

Ticketing on trains increased comfort for 0-45 days

The accommodation of passengers in the room of mother and child during the day

The use of the shower

Warning the passenger at a station along the route of the train than the one specified in the ticket

Carrying carrier hand baggage

The paid toilet


Welcome to visit the Service center!

On the station Kiev-Passenger around the clock at Your services there is a Service center.

By contacting us You have the opportunity in welcoming environment to solve problems stay in the new city . If You want to relax – it offers comfortable rooms where you can watch TV, take showers, have a Cup of coffee or tea.

Also here You will get travel documents for the train, will get any help, will be able to call the carrier or taxi, Book a place in the hotel “Express”.

For those visiting our capital on business – services-to-date technical Department:






-elektoralna mail;

-Internet (WI-FI)

For meetings, signing contracts is a conference and Banquet halls.

Polite specialists will help You!


Central station 465-20-80; 465-20-83;

South station 481-13-70.

And we are glad to welcome You in the rest rooms of hotel type with attractive prices, which are located in the premises of the Service center and South station in the left wing of the building on the 4th floor .


We offer you to use the service for the carriage of cargo baggage wagons Railways of Ukraine and CIS countries. The reception of cargo carried Luggage compartment of a station Kiev-Passenger. Which is located at the address, Kiev street 32 Fedorova.

The mode of operation of the branch with 8 hours. up to 20 hours. on a daily basis.

The minimum weight of the cargo accepted for carriage -10 kg the Cost of transportation of baggage and cargo is determined depending on weight and distance traveled. Sets the minimum amount of the declared value at the clearance of cargo – 10 UAH.

Payment for shipping is cash or non-cash. For information, contact by phone 465-20-48

465-20-53 (from 8 : 00 to 19 : 00, daily)

Lunch break is from 12-00 till 13-00


1. – storage arrivals baggage(cargo) over the prescribed period or pre – received;

2. notification to the consignee of the arrival of the baggage or cargo on a mobile phone;

3. – sending telegrams-forward notification of baggage (cargo) at the request of the passenger;

4. – loading and unloading of baggage or cargo from trucks;

5. – entry of vehicles into the territory of the Luggage compartment for unloading (loading);

6. – use baggage carts on the territory of the Luggage compartment by the client;

8. – check baggage or of cargo at the request of the sender or recipient;

9. – storage car site;

10. – booking seats in the car – the car;

11. – reception and loading of the car in car-car;

12. – trim baggage or cargo;

13. marking baggage or cargo on passenger’s request;

14. – delivery of baggage or cargo at the customer’s address and in the opposite direction.

Mandatory services:

for the design of a transportation document – 12,50.

When transporting goods with a total weight of pond 000 chnages discount of 20%.

With 25.01.2010 year in the Luggage compartment of a station Kiev-Passenger will have the service delivery of baggage or cargo from the Customer to the Luggage compartment and the Luggage compartment to the Customer, which can be ordered by phone (044) 465-20-54 or personally contacting the Luggage compartment of a station Kiev-Passenger. The cost of the above services in the city of Kyiv is 110 UAH.


Also on the station Kiev-Passenger service is provided “Express transfer” for the reception of transportation correspondence (envelopes) in passenger trains, trains increased comfort of the formation of the South-Western railway. Carriage trains are only accepted envelopes in unpacked form (with subsequent zapakovany by the Sender in the presence of the worker station.

Welcome to “Express transfer” is in the lobby of Grand Central station, on the left side at the entrance to the Central station near the mail.

“Express transfer” should be submitted no later than 60 minutes before train departure (hours Cost of transportation of the envelope 1, krstanovic 15 UAH.; the cost for registration and delivery of the envelope to the train – 9 UAH.

Store “Express transfer” at the station before departure within 1 day for free, and if more than 1 day then the Sender is charged a fixed fee for her is kept grn. The value of “Express transfer” is not declared.

All other packets are processed only through the baggage compartment and sent graftonite baggage wagons and executed according to the tariffs of baggage and cargo.

More detailed information about the shipment of baggage and cargo, the cost of their transportation, the frequency of traveling baggage cars and the cost of other additional services provided by the Luggage compartment can be obtained by phone (044)481-10-29, 465-20-53, 465-20-54 personally or in the Luggage compartment of a station address:03038, , Kiev, street 32 Fedorova throughout the station Kyiv-Commodity.



Offer service to freight car rail carriers, which operate in the direction of the stations:

To the station of Simferopol – 1,3,5 days Tiina go with Stan Kiev-Passenger in 20 hours. HW.

To the station Dnepropetrovsk – daily train No. 80 departure at 23 hours. 25min.

When placing the vehicle in transportation by car avtomobilizem the sender needs to have the technical passport.

The cost of transportation of the vehicle (the height should not perepisuvat cm) sa chicklade: to the station of Simferopol – 63 UAH. 36 kopecks, to the station Dnepropetrovsk – 38 UAH. 52 kopecks

Things to be dealt by the sender to be transported in a car, drawn as a cargo upon delivery of the car (according to p. 30.09. “Rules of transportation of passengers, baggage, cargo and mail by railway transport of Ukraine”) and their value in the 10 km khepri declared value of UAH 10. is: to the station of Simferopol – 13 UAH. 14 kopecks, to the station Dnepropetrovsk – 6 grn kopeck

The cost of a transportation document is 12,50 UAH., the cost for the reception and loading of the 1st car in the car-car is 270 UAH.

The car to the place of loading must be delivered no later than 18:00 on the 32 paths suburban railway station Kiev-Passenger address:01032, , Kyiv – 32. square station 1.

Preliminary design of the car there and back is not more than 45 days and not less than one day before the departure of the train and is 55 UAH, and the cost of car storage on-site (per day) $ 55 USD.

To get more information about the rules of the transport car car – avtomobilizem, the frequency per car automoblies, the cost of transportation by phone (044) 465-20-55 or in person by contacting the box office, which is located on the 32 paths suburban railway station Kiev-Passenger address:01032, , Kyiv-32, station square, 1.

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  1. skoda-avto.ru Reply

    Железнодорожный вокзал Киев-Пассажирский – это главная ж\д станция Киева и относится к Юго-Западной железной дороге.

  2. Входные двери Reply

    Мое почтение вашего вкуса накурница!
    Ки?ев-Пассажи?рский ( укр. Ки?їв-Пасажи?рський ) — главная пассажирская железнодорожная станция Киева. Относится к Юго-Западной железной дороге. На ней размещён пассажирский вокзал, состоящий из Центрального, Южного и Пригородного железнодорожных вокзалов.

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