Kiev Central bus station

Центральный автовокзал Киев

Central bus station — main bus station of Kiev, the major structural unit of JSC “Kievpasstrans”, the only public bus in Ukraine

Located on Demievskaya square, Demievka. Built in 1957-1961 (architect Abraham Miletsky, I. N. Miller, Edward Biel). Designed a daily administration of 600 buses 50 long-distance routes serving 7 million passengers.

Kiev bus station sends domestic flights in Ukrainian cities and in European countries. In the main hall are located the offices for the sale of tickets for flights of the bus station, as well as cash carriers.

the Address: Kiev, Prospekt nauki, 2

the Map:

the Telephone information: +38 (044) 525-04-92, +38 (044) 527-99-86

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