Railway Station Odessa Home

ЖД вокзал Одесса

Address: Odessa, station square, 2

Telephone information: +38 (048) 727-42-42; 15-05
Phone duty: +38 (048) 727-48-07
Additional phone: Service center: 727-31-52 Order and design group passenger transportation:

(048) 727-33-57 (group ticket)

Order car transporters:
(048) 727-48-77 (Luggage compartment)

Order special carriages for disabled persons:
(048) 727-13-19 (head of the ticket offices)

Information about Luggage transportation:
(048) 727-48-77 (Luggage compartment)
Booking office provides the following services:
Order ticket delivery within the city:15-83; 727-13-11

Daily 09.00-17.30 (lunch: Monday to Friday 13.00-14.00; Saturday; Sunday 11.00-12.00)

Technological breaks: weekdays: 11.00-11.10; 16.00-16.10; output : 08.45-09.00; 13.45-14.00; 16.00-16.15

Services station:
“Ticketing: travel and transportation documents in the far, local and commuter traffic; travel documents in international traffic; the return of the travel document; restoration of the travel document; reservations organizations and groups; travel arrangements booked through the Internet; re-issuance of a travel document no earlier than 24 hours before his departure.

Rest rooms: accommodation (2-x, 3-x, local); use of showers; the provision of tea, coffee, makkawi; hygienic services.

Paid rooms: the use of waiting room for passengers in transit; use of waiting room superior; the use of the waiting room, the service center; the use of the hall for official delegations; the provision of tea, coffee, makkawi.

Service center: service service center; taxi media; Photocopying (A4), laminating (A4, A3);transmission of messages by Fax; the ticket delivery to an address within the city; charging a mobile phone; the provision of tea, coffee, makkawi; use of Internet sites and printing with them.

Stationary camera storage: storage of hand Luggage; storage of bulky hand Luggage; receiving Express mail”.

Baggage compartment: storage arrivals and pre-accepted Luggage; marking baggage; completing the application form; the use of a baggage truck; unloading and loading of Luggage in the car warehouse and Vice versa; trim baggage; loading cargo weight ponad kg; the entry on the territory of the Luggage compartment; telephone notification, consultation on the transport of Luggage.

Pay toilet.

Services media.

Information Desk: the announcement on radio station at the passenger’s request; issuing oral help of the city, the CIS and the interstate; issuance of a written reference.

Services housing Bureau.

Warning the passenger along the route of the train.

the hotel Reservation in Odessa

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