Railway station Ternopil

ЖД вокзал Тернополь

Address: Ternopil, Privokzalnaya square, 1

Telephone information: +38 (0352) 47-22-46; 15-05
Phone duty: +38 (0352) 47-21-85
Additional phone: Providing information about the work of the Service center(0352) 47-23-77

Providing information about the order and execution of group passenger transportation:
(0352) 47-23-80 daily 9.00-17.00 ; break 13.00-14.00

Providing information about ordering special carriages for disabled persons:
(0352) 47-23-80 daily 9.00-17.00 ; break 13.00-14.00

Order tickets by phone(0352) 47-24-24 daily 9.00-13.00

Providing information about Luggage transportation:
(0352) 47-23-32; daily 8.00-17.00 except Sunday;( break 13.00-14.00) 47-28-51 daily 9.00-16.45, except Saturday; Sunday (lunch break 12.00-13.00)

Rest rooms :(0352) 47-23-60 hours (lunch break 12.00-13.00 s 0.00 to 01.00)

Services station:
“Booking and ticketing in all directions (one order) 5,00
The order and delivery of tickets at home, the conference, enterprises, hotels and other specified passenger address within the city (one order ) 8,00
Reservations for the shipment of baggage and cargo (one place) 2,00
Taxi (one order) 1,60
Ordering the use of the meeting room, rooms for meetings and recreation (one order) 4,40
Booking and delivery of tickets to theatres and other cultural and educational institutions specified by the passenger address within the city (one order) 8,00
The order for the provision of tourist services(one order) 3,00
The order of transport services to provide a vehicle for delivery of baggage and other needs (one order) 2,00
Order Lounges for passengers at the station (one order) 2,00
The booking and reservations of rooms in hotels of the city (one order) 2,00
Order to provide services to the carrier station (one order) 1,50
Provision of telephone and Fax services through the means of communication:
– in the city ( 1 minute of conversation) 0,35
– in region ( 1 min conversation) 0,60
– Ukraine (1 min conversation) 0,90
Order pay Parking (one order) 2,00
The provision of Photocopying services:
– one-sided copy (A4 size) of 0.25
– one two-sided copy 0,40
Provision of reference and information services (a reference) 1,00
The order for the issuance of written and complex certificates at the request of passengers and clients for sending baggage and cargo, routing transit timetable of trains with change, the fare and baggage transportation in international traffic (one reference) 2,00
Order organizations receptions, Executive service delegations and private people (one order) 6,40
Order of service camera store (one order) 1,20
Order food delivery, periodicals, medicine in the cars of passenger trains (one order) 3,00
Tickets on air and road transport (one order) 2,00
Order hairdressing services (one order) 1,50
The service order by sunnym complex (one order) 1,50
Scanning one page of text 1,50
Access to the Internet (1 hour) 5,00
Color printing on an inkjet printer (one A4 sheet) 0,70
Write a single CD-disk 4,80
Sending e-mail via the Internet 1,00″


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